online nutrition & small group training

MACfit is a game changer.  Sierra made juggling my busy schedule, working out, and eating right easy for me.  She also held me accountable every week with weigh ins, progress photos, and measurements. I made so much progress with her online programming! I exceeded my expectations for myself and am thankful to have had the community to keep me going!  I highly recommend her


online nutrition & small group training

 I started this journey with Sierra right before Thanksgiving. Everyone around me asked, “Why now?” It was the Holiday season. I had hit my all time highest wt. had lost a friend almost a year ago due to health reasons and wanted to change my life. Go after that bucket list. My wt was in my way. It was that switch in my mentality to say I’m ready for the change. Sierra has been a huge help in supporting this journey. I’m so lucky that my friend introduced us. I’ve been with Sierra for about two months. My resting heart rate has went down more than 11 beats per min on average, I’ve lost 16.8 lbs through two holidays, and two birthdays and not feeling like I was deprived of anything. It’s true, something that she mentioned in one workout stayed with me. Motivation comes and goes, Dedication gets you through the hard times. I’ve only just begun on this journey. I can’t wait to continue to improve my health. The wt. is just the by product. Love you and what you do for others 


online training & nutrition

I have been training with Sierra since the mid August and couldn’t be happier with the results. In the last 4.5 months, I went from 152 lbs to 126.5, and was able to fit back in my pre-pregnancy jeans after 2.5 months of training. Having a new baby at home makes workouts difficult so  she provided a  gym and home workout for me and gave me the encouragement I needed to keep working even when I didn’t feel like training. The app is great and makes workouts so much easier. Can’t wait to see what the next 4.5 months have in store


in person and online training & nutrition 

Everyone has their struggles. My whole life I was always the “chubby” kid or friend. I always considered myself the “ugly” one too! Until I found pageants and starting training. I started seeing my “potential.” But then I gained weight. I was so devastated and disappointed with myself. I hated looking in the mirror! I hated going shopping and even going out in general! My depression grew by the day and I had no escape. Looking at myself got harder. I met Sierra December 2016. She started training me almost right away. Her words were encouraging and so motivating. BUT I wasn’t “ready” mentally. I took a small break for myself and focused on me! On loving myself and my imperfections. No matter what size or shape they were! When I reached out to Sierra again I told her I was ready! I told her I had a goal and a dream and I needed her help! My battle with myself is an on going battle BUT I have command and have taken control! The hardest part of ANY training, “dieting,” or exercising program is the mental game! You need to be prepared mentally and emotionally! Sure there are people who are going to progress faster but they aren’t you! I spent my whole life comparing myself to others and didn’t get very far! This year it’s my turn to take over! It’s my time to shine! Be patient, be kind, stay strong, and most importantly LOVE YOURSELF!