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Jennifer stoner

Hi my name is Jen!  I currently live in Minnesota with my super hunky boyfriend who supports my wild fitness goals and dreams, pushes me to always show up, and without judgment understands my unwavering love for snacks!  He’s also my (fur)baby-daddy x2. I love to travel and getting to see the what the world has to offer with my love, my friends, and my family is what actual dreams are made of and what life is all about!

I spend the majority of each week working full time outside of the fitness world BUT when I slip out of my work clothes and into my leggings, I am very proud to be a NASM certified personal trainer and online health and fitness lifestyle coach and enthusiast!

As someone who has always been active but used to just “wing it” when it came to training and nutrition, I genuinely identify with the confusion, frustrations, and yoyo-ing that many people face.  I spent a lot of time showing up to the gym but spinning my wheels and not seeing the results I had hoped for.  My fire was finally lit when I began working with an online coach who taught me the in’s and out’s of counting macros, the importance of nutrition, and how to weight lift properly and efficiently to meet my goals.

I quickly recognized my love for structured training and nutrition and I have not looked back since!

My passion is showing people that living a healthy lifestyle, setting fitness goals, and seeing results is 100% achievable without spending hours a day working out or depriving themselves of foods they enjoy!   My goal is to empower and teach clients how to incorporate balance into their daily life through proper exercise and nutrition, in order to create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that THEY love. I want to support and guide clients so they are able to learn and grow into their strongest and best selves and MACfit is the perfect place for me to do just that!



Ever since cheering in college at Missouri State University, Katie has been fascinated with fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. Katie’s passion for fitness has evolved over the years, and has encompassed everything from high intensity interval training, yoga, Crossfit, and a brief (very brief!) flirtation with distance running.

Katie is dedicated to her fitness, but her true passion is nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. Katie’s own nutritional journey has evolved, and for the past four years she has adapted a plant based vegetarian diet (don’t worry you can eat meat!). Katie is a strong believer in taking a holistic approach to nutrition, that moderation is key, and that living a healthy lifestyle should be FUN!

Katie is extremely passionate about helping others achieve their goals in living a healthy life. She prides herself on adapting her approach to each individual based on their own personal goals, and helping them live THEIR best life.

Katie is a critical care transport nurse, certified nutrition specialist, and avid Crossfitter. She is a lover of ice cream and puppies! During her free time, you can assume she’s at the beach: walking, biking, hiking or just laying out. Katie is originally from St. Louis, and currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their English Bulldog pup, Nelly.