coaching PHILOSPHY

MACfit training utilizes circuits and HIIT (high intensity interval training) Training.  Why?  Because lots of boring research has proven that short bouts at high intensity are more impactful than long sustained-pace exercises. Goodbye hour-long marathons on the treadmill.  My training sessions are 30 minutes to 1 hour long.  You will be working the entire session (aside from timed rest periods). We talk and work!  (because yes, I will chat your ear off on occasion, we are only human, right?!) You will sweat, you will work on progressive overload and we will keep close track on your progress.  The sessions include a brief warm-up consisting of dynamic stretches and then the workout will be a combination of exercises that vary each time we meet and when your goals change, as will our training.



A monthly program you are going to LOVE! Exciting workouts, nutrition plans that are convenient and flexible! This program not only guides you through each and every workout but provides with the tools you need to success with your nutrition. This group coaching setting allows you to lean on the MACfit community for more motivation and accountability! 


  • Personalized Macros (adjustments made upon check-ins, as needed!)

  • Sample Meal Plan & Grocery List

  • Group Support & Accountability

  • Challenge Workouts

  • New Workouts Every Month in the MACfit APP

  • Video Demonstration of Each Workout

  • Weekly Email Checkin

  • Access to Client Facebook Group with live videos, workouts, q&a’s, inner challenges, motivation and support from other MACmembers, recipe ideas and more



If you are in the Kansas area, Sierra is available for studio personal training sessions, 1:1 or group options are available. During these sessions, you will focus on strength and conditioning, focusing on the areas you want to work. The sessions include a brief warm-up followed by your workout.  Resting will be timed/limited!